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Write the Perfect Article Marketing Resource Box

When article marketing with Ezine Articles, you have to jump through a lot of hoops.  You have to adhere to their TOS; you have to write clean articles; you have to write lengthy articles, etc.  On top of it, you’re essentially providing free content so that the Ezine Articles people can make Google AdSense revenue.

So, why do it?

One reason:  the Resource Box.  The Resource Box can give you lots of free traffic, with an amazingly high clickthrough rate.

The SIG/Resource Box is the section at the very bottom of the article that typically says stuff like, “John K. Smith is the CEO of MindStrategies, Inc., etc.  His site is www.mindstrageties…etc.”  Here, you’ll learn the deadly wrong way to craft a Resource Box…and the click-through-friendly right way to do it.

Astounding CTR:  10% or More

If you do it right, you can get huge CTR.  Look at this example from just one article:

Ezine Articles CTR

So, at the point I took this screenshot, this article had been viewed 521 times.  Out of that, I got 58 direct clickthroughs straight to my personal site.

You can do the math in your head…

That’s an astounding 11% CTR. You’re lucky to get that kind of CTR with Google AdWords.  Not only that, but you’re paying out of the nose for AdWords clicks.  The Ezine Articles CTR is free.


Business in Front, Party in Back

Your Resource Box is like a mullet:  business in front, party in back.  So, keep your article itself clean and free of affiliate links.  In fact, it’s best to strip your article of any URLs.  Ezine editors are wary of hyperlinks within the article text.  If you must include a hyperlink, make sure that it’s a high-quality objective source.

But the Resource Box is where you get rewarded for all 0f your hard work.  Ezine Articles knows why people write articles for them, so they are quite liberal about what goes in that area.  You want:

  1. Seamlessness.  You want the reader’s eyes to flow naturally from the text to your Resource Box, without interruption.
  2. Hypertext.  Hypertext, not a URL (i.e., buy diet pills, not
  3. Keyworded.  In other words, your Ezine article is based around a certain keyword or keyword phrase.  You want those keywords in the Resource Box, as well.
  4. First or Almost First.  That hyperlinked keyword should be the first or almost first words in the Resource Box.

NOTE:  Ezine Articles allows a maximum of three (3) keywords in the hyperlink.  Yes, it’s a low number, but it’s what you’ve got to work with.

Wrong Resource Box

It’s not my intention to “call out” anyone, so I have disguised some of the text.  The first redaction is the author’s name; the second redaction is the name of the guy’s blog (hyperlinked).

Wrong Ezine Resource Box

This is an interruption of flow.  The reader says to him/herself, “Oh, this is the end.  Time to click away.”  Author resources always rank very low in value to a reader.

Good Resource Box – for High CTR

Good Ezine Resource Box

I have bracketed out the Resource Box so you can see where it begins and ends.  Ezine does allow a slight space (perhaps 0.5 space), in addition to the hard 1.0 space.  But you can do nothing about this–don’t worry about it.  Notice how the Ezine article’s keyword phrase HostGator review is repeated in the Resource Box, and it’s right near the front.

This comes from my Ezine Articles HostGator review which points to a lengthier HostGator review within the site you are now viewing.

Excellent Resource Box

This article has a great resource box.  Except for the fact that the keywords fall 4 words into the Resource Box, it’s a prime example of how to write a resource box.  The secret sauce here is that the author continued the bolded text formatting from the article…into the box itself.  This further promotes the idea of seamlessness.

Excellent Article Marketing Resource Box